The Community of Artists Diversity of Art's was founded on May 9, 2013. It represents both the diversity of artistic creation (Diversity of Arts) as well as the diversity of the acting artists (Diversity of Artists). The Community of Artists creates art for the joy of art and the enthusiasm of others.


Creativity and commitment for arts have many names.

Yes, we are different. We come from different regions. We practice various professions. We have different preferences and hobbies. What connects us is the joy of art and being part of the community – are the values that we share.

Get to know us a little:

Torsten Mühlhoff

Photographer, Media expert

Isaura Gomes

Artist in painting

Mary Rita de West

Artist in painting

Wolfgang Hohmann

Artist in painting

NIKA! Weronika Psotta

Artist in painting

Mary Bulahova


Elizabeta Chojak-Mysko

Artist in painting, sculptor, stage design, curator, gallery owner

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