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Our life is full of adventures and amazing experiences.
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the seemingly endless number of problems
we can not see what's important - life.
How important is it in such a time, to catch the moment.
Maria Bulahova

Dear visitor,

I am delighted that you have found your way to my page.

My name is Mary Bulahova and I was born in Moscow in 1984. As a child I was very curious. I liked music, dance, books, arts, games and people. And I loved to watch people: What they are doing, how they move and talk. I tried to guess what kind of life they would probably lead. It fascinated me to learn the stories of people's life, to consume their experiences and to learn from them.

Later, I attended the "Academy of Labor and Social Relations" where I graduated in 2007.

Then I worked in different areas: in banking, insurance and in the medical community. Currently I have a job as an accountant and seller in the company of my father. We sell navigation systems for machinery in agriculture (inter alia).

My way to art...

I am a truthful individual. And so I have to "admit" that I have never visited an art school or art academy. Early I had to work to support my family and to finance my education. I did not really have time to do something for myself.

In 2012 I decided to change my life. I had saved some money and began to travel through Europe by car just by myself.

My english is not the very best, and as a child I have only been once to Europe with my parents. But I just wanted to try - to try to find myself. I always had a lot of dreams that I couldn't tell anyone. My life took place in myself - with beauty and unique developments. And so I began to take pictures; with a very simple camera; photos of myself; to learn and to understand what photography means.

In my photographs I try to capture the beauty of the world, the diversity of life and the soul of people. I'm doing what I feel. I learn to be a photographer step by step. And I'm going to do this my whole life.

Life is fascinating and unique. God gives us the opportunity to experience life; we just have to want it. We can do something good - and that's really great.

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