Elizabeta Chojak-Mysko

Artist in painting, sculptor, stage design, curator, gallery owner

Artist in painting, sculptor, stage design, curator, gallery owner

Member since Saturday, June 8, 2013

In my abstract works I like combining bold colors with intense light.
Paintings and sculptures are often compositions and form expressive synthesis.
Elizabeta Chojak-Mysko

I studied painting, sculpture, and stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

During my life I designed quite a large number of stage designs for theatres, operas, and TV stations. In addition I love to do paintings in oil and watercolor and to deal with sculptures and installations.

My works have been exhibited in galleries all over Europe (France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Poland and Great Britain). I am an independent curator in the Rickshaw House Gallery in London. I try to understand the essence of a motif and to express it in an artistic way. Especially in my abstract works I combine rich colours with intensive light. Very often I created paintings and sculptures as one composition.


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