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Artist in painting

Artist in painting

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Painting is a mirror in which I recognize myself. The particular intensity of color gives my paintings a very expressive and decorative character. In harmonious compositions I bring my positive attitude to life.
Weronika Psotta - NIKA!

Dear art lovers,

In December 1957, I was in born in Nowogrodziec.

From a young age I am passionate about painting and three-dimensional art objects. On the advice of my art teacher, I attended an art school where over the next six years I learned to design and shape sculptures (most of them were made of wood.

After a long pause in which I was almost exclusively devoted to my family, I started to get more and more interested in watercolors, silk painting and other painting techniques. In 1993, I intensified my painting and in 1994 I took part in a course of Dusan Jovanovic where I got to refine my techniques. To my true passion acrylic painting evolved.

For some years now I attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Wetter, and my artistic horizons extends from day to day.

For me painting is a mirror in which I can discover myself. In my works I develop energies and try to cope with my subjective experiences. I - "Nika!" - work with different materials and structural techniques hopefully developing my own modern, abstract style in a distinctive way.

The particular intensity of colors gives my paintings a very expressive and decorative character. In my harmonious compositions I express my positive attitude to life, the viewer gets inspired by again and again.


+49 172 1336631


Alter Uentroper Weg 58
59071 Hamm

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