Mary Rita de West

Artist in painting

Artist in painting

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"My route on the way to art..." oder "How I came to the Academy of Art in Wetter..."

When others think you are at the end, you really have start.
Konrad Adenauer

That's what I did when I came to Boesner in Witten in 2008 after several years of painting in my spare time to join a presentation for artists as quite a few times before.

This workshop was about portrait painting. Olga Vinnitskaya should inaugurate the audience to the secrets of portrait painting. "Well", I thought to myself, "so be it". Olga Vinnitskaya was completely unknown to me. I got lucky and caught a place in the front row.

Ms. Vinnitskaya took out a canvas that she had filled with the drawing of a head in advance; and behold, it was the portrait of the first Chancellor of our Federal Republic of Germany: "Konrad Adenauer". That could not be a coincidence, because for 36 years I was active for the homonymous foundation in Dortmund.

My excitement grew. Olga explained - even for me to understand - the canon of the head of a man so that she aroused curiosity with me. After the workshop, I wanted to know more about portraiture; so much about "the right beginning". I registered for a weekend workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts.

House Hove in Wetter was the address of the Academy of Fine Arts, a beautiful old building. When Olga greeted me and then led me through the house, in her own cordial way, I felt right well. It was as if I had arrived home. After the weekend, I was hooked.

I made myself smart about what the Academy of Fine Arts has to offer. I reflected back and forth whether a study could be handled besides my daily work. Finally I decided on a weekend course painting and graphics. A long cherished dream became reality: To learn the craft of painting. Even today, after 3 years of study, I enjoy to deal with the many facets of art and the people in the Academy of Fine Arts in Wetter.

The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes,
but to love what you do.
Sir James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937)

These words especially apply to Olga Vinnitskaya and her team from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wetter. I wish the Academy of Fine Arts in Wetter all the best and much success for the future.

    Mary de West
    (year 1954, born in Dortmund)

P.S.: My hobbies include yoga, dance and creative activities with brush and paint.

+49 1577 2854967


Otto-Holzapfel-Straße 77
59427 Unna

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