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Landscape photography

The landscape photography is concerned with the presentation of the animate and inanimate environment of man.

Their pioneers were trying to make the unaffected man-made environment to the center of their work. Their goal was the most realistic representation. Mostly large image formats were used. Since this phase, the landscape photography has developed in many directions. So the human intervention into landscape has been picked up as a determining element.

Apart from conscious design blurs the landscape photography is trying to produce images with great depth and detail. Landscape photographers usually have plenty of time to set up a tripod and thus to seek the optimal perspective and clipping. For optimum light the time around sunrise and sunset is often used - the light does not shine as hard as during lunchtime. Here bracketing replaces sequential shots.

Impressions (36)

This picture gallery, which will be continuously developed, can only provide a first impression of our work in the area of Landscape photography.

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